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grain baskets 01.png


Form obscures function. 

When the owners of a beautiful Canyon Road home needed to obscure what was outside certain windows, GLASSplash had the perfect solution.

The homeowners of this beautiful Canyon Road home had less than desirable views out of several of their windows (A/C ductwork, garbage cans, etc.). Their interior design group came to GLASSplash to solve the dilemma. Utilizing the clients own travel photos, GLASSplash turned mundane window boxes into unique settings for their wonderful images, while also obscuring what could be seen outside. The result, stunning backlit presentations that seemed to float in the window box in front of the automatic window blinds. On sunny days, the images light up and become an art focal point for each room.

grain baskets 01.png
boats stair.HEIC
boats 07 a_c ducts .HEIC


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