Transforming home and business environments with art-inspired architectural glass.

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 Introducing a new kind of backsplash.  

GLASSplash is a unique solution for kitchens, baths & more. A grout-free, sanitary & easily cleaned surface that enhances your environment. If you're thinking of creating a modern kitchen backsplash, consider GLASSplash. 

GLASSplash’s design goal is to integrate original art into new and exciting environments through the unique use of art-inspired architectural glass. 

Discover our collections. 

Let us bring your original art to life on a new canvas of glass. We can create a custom backsplash or you can select a design from one of our collections. 

Find inspiration in our recent projects. 

GLASSplash isn't just for backsplashes. Our case studies speak for themselves, attesting to the beauty of a GLASSplash installation wherever your imagination roams.

See how art and technology merge. 

Our inventive designs and latest techniques come together through an advanced ceramic digital ink-on-glass process.

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GLASSplash is always in the news. Please check out the latest articles on us. 

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Ready to chat about your next backsplash project? 

We would love to talk with you. Please call us at 505.333.9096 or click on the link below. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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GLASSplash incorporates original art into panels of tempered glass, to provide stunningly unique additions to a kitchen and bath backsplash, along with offices and other environments. 

Lab: 603 Gomez Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505, US

By appointment only: +01.505.333.9096

Mailing: 1000 Cordova Place, PMB 623, Santa Fe, NM 87505, US

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