"Our design goal is to integrate original art into a new environment, the kitchen, the true heart of every home." 

~ John Patterson and Jeff Valdez

The Creative team of Inspired Living Design (ILD) has long been a staple of the Los Angeles design scene. We were widely recognized for our "retro" furniture showroom Sunset ORANGE, located in SilverLake's Sunset Junction from 2000-2007. Growing tired of the rigors of maintaining a retail presence, and fortuitously (in retrospect) loosing our lease, we were nudged into returning to Interior Design as our primary focus. We had recently met actress Katherine Heigl when she came into the showroom with her Boston designer in tow. A few weeks later she came in alone and sat with us to order a number of custom pieces for her new home in Los Feliz. That began a working relationship that would evolve to helping her design and furnish her new retreat that was under construction outside of Park City, Utah.

John Patterson and Jeff Valdez are the creative duo behind Inspired Living Design. John brings 40 years of design experience beginning in the 1970's, as apprentice and later in partnership with Muriel Glass Interiors of Hancock Park. An unquenchable entrepreneurial spirt lead to a segue into International Marketing and PR as Vice-President of the Italian Jewelry Guild affording the opportunities to travel the world, further informing his design savvy and inspirations. Coming back to his first love of interior design, he opened Sunset ORANGE, which set the course for Inspired Living Design. Jeff arrived in Los Angeles in 1997 from Santa Fe, New Mexico, his experience as a photographer brings a unique eye for composition and detail to each project. Thinking outside the box, he brings a distinctive vision to each new project.


The Design Team of ILD attributes the success of the company to their ability in achieving complete customer satisfaction based on excellent communication and organizational skills. While good design is always of paramount importance, the management of the actual installation is where many projects and clients experience their greatest challenges and ILD focuses its greatest attention. Ultimately, the key to our success is founded on the building of lasting, quality relationships.

Their design philosophy is rooted in the understanding that our clients inherently know the environment in which they wish to reside, but often have difficulty articulating. Using their knowledge, experience and skills to assist in clarifying and realizing that vision is our goal.


While totally accomplished in the creation of new interiors, Inspired Living Design is also particularly adept at the reconfiguration of existing spaces to maximize flow and function. They encourage the employment of environmentally sensitive construction techniques and the use of sustainable or recyclable materials wherever possible. They pride theirselves in offering outstanding value, excellent service and achieving strong, long-term relationships with their clients.


Launching GLASSplash

We were very excited when a well-known Los Angeles artist selected Inspired Living Design to assist in the design and construction of a new creative studio space addition along with a much needed kitchen renovation for his recently purchased home. He and his wife also desperately needed a new kitchen, so the challenge was before us.


We became better acquainted as we selected cabinets, countertops and flooring, and as the project neared completion, it dawned on us that the backsplash area could provide another “canvas” for our artist-chef-client to exploit. We determined to use a sheet of tempered glass, cut to just the right size, and had the contractor place the electrical outlets low on the wall so as to not interrupt the glass panel’s design.


We encouraged him to create something that would inspire him while preparing meals in his new kitchen, and we were delighted when he first shared with us his preliminary design concepts. We coordinated the other wall colors of the kitchen (especially the negative space behind his designs) and voila’, GLASSplash was born!


As we develop GLASSplash into an actual company, our design goal is to integrate original art into a new environment – the kitchen - the true heart of every home. While kitchen designers focus on cabinets, countertops and the latest appliances, all too often what is neglected is an inclusion of artistic creativity. Our goal is to find just the right visual inspiration to accompany the culinary artistry in or client's homes.

GLASSplash back painted glass


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Through a variety of methods, GLASSplash incorporates original art into panels of tempered glass, to provide a stunningly unique addition to your kitchen, bath, and office. 

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