Utilizing a variety of methods, GLASSplash integrates original art onto panels of tempered glass, to provide a stunningly unique addition to your kitchen, bath, and office.

Bring your ideas to us and let's see where the conversation takes us!

GLASSplash’s goal is to incorporate original art in new and interesting ways: as a backsplash, a door, a feature wall or even a fountain. While interior designers focus on furniture, cabinets, countertops and the latest appliances, we focus on the inclusion of artistic creativity. Our goal is to find the right visual inspiration that will compliment the aesthetic of your home.

Ways to utilize GLASSplash 

Custom Design. We can create a unique design especially for youWe've been approached by homeowners that are artists themselves expressing a desire to feature their own art on glass.

We also work with artists, graphic designers and photographers to produce a backsplash that can be customized to your unique vision. Once installed the "canvas" is seamless. There are no unseemly grout lines to clean and in our current health-conscious environment, it's easy to maintain with a spritz of anti-bacterial glass cleaner and a lint free towel.

Our Collections. We currently have several themed Collections to inspire. In the coming months, we plan to add still more artists and their exciting collections to temp your creative spirit.



The Barcelona Collection 

Barcelona is a city founded on art. This contemporary collection, based on original century-old tile patterns, harkens back to the city's Catalan roots.

The Jonathan Juancio Collection 

The Jonathan Juanico Collection, derived from the Acoma Pueblo's pottery tradition, results in bold and beautiful graphic design.

The Moroccan Collection 

Inspired by the traditions of an ancient culture, the Moroccan Collection will take you to a place where the sea meets your soul.

The Big Sky Collection 

The Wild West and its magnificent landscapes capture a spirit that can only be found where the land meets the sky.


Mark Steven Greenfield work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States most notably at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art and the California African American Museum. 

GLASSplash incorporates original art into panels of tempered glass, to provide stunningly unique additions to a kitchen and bath backsplash, along with offices and other environments.

Jonathan Juanico's body of work merges his Native American heritage with his AutoCAD training and experience as a Geographic Information System specialist– a true blending of old world and contemporary elements.  

Mara Lonner works with a variety of mediums and genres to blur the conventional distinction between organic and geometric worlds. Recent work interweaves ruins, architectural ornaments and botanical forms, focusing on the beautiful tenacity of nature. 

Sukhmani Home adds elegance and functionality to your space with artisan furniture, individually selected from unique sources around the world. These exquisite accent pieces will transform your interior design.