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 The artist's original design provided the spark. 

A homeowners' original art inspires the development of GLASSplash.

Mark and Val had recently purchased a 1930’s Tudor style home in Altadena, CA, and needed to have an artist’s studio designed and built, along with a new kitchen for the main home. Inspired Living Design, with its excellent reputation in kitchen and bath remodels, was selected for the job.


GLASSplash often collaborates with a creative owner who wants to utilize one of their own creations. Mark is a well-known artist and directed ILD to the California African American Museum at the University of Southern California to see a “few” of his pieces that were on display. Upon arrival at the museum we found an entire first-floor gallery dedicated to a 30-year retrospective of his work. His creativity and talent were awe-inspiring and we knew immediately the source of our inspiration for the project ahead.

We suggested that Mark delve in to his creative psyche to imagine his own unique design that would become the center piece of the kitchen. Thrilled at the prospect of working in a new medium, he created a whimsical mid-century modern design of various geometric shapes and colors. His imaginative creation proved to be a brilliant counterpoint to the traditional kitchen aesthetic, and the spark for the concept that would become GLASSplash.

The kitchen before the installation.

Installing the backsplash.

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GLASSplash incorporates original art into panels of tempered glass, to provide stunningly unique additions to a kitchen and bath backsplash, along with offices and other environments. 

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