Contemporary art with simple function. 

For the offices of Doug Maahs Construction,

this simple glass door became a contemporary work of art.

GLASSplash creations often center around kitchens and baths, but our design team is always coming up with new and interesting ways to solve our client's needs. This office door installation is an excellent example.

DMC was looking for a way to make their austere contemporary business environment a little more special. Our design team came up with the idea of a sliding barn door made from our unique GLASSplash product. Utilizing an organic modern design then transferring it onto the door, created a large and striking canvas that was not only beautiful to look at, but functional at the same time. And if you'd like to see this installation in person, the DMC showroom is open for clients of GLASSplash. Just click on the link below for directions to their showroom and website.

GLASSplash incorporates original art into panels of tempered glass, to provide stunningly unique additions to a kitchen and bath backsplash, along with offices and other environments.